Classics - Readings in English (CLASSICS)

CLASSICS 110-CN Scientific Vocabulary through Classical Roots (1 Unit)  

Greek and Latin etymology in the vocabulary of the sciences. Designed primarily for science or medical students. Self-paced independent study.

CLASSICS 245-CN Classics and the Cinema (1 Unit)  

Analysis of how literary and social/political assumptions intersect in the reception of two related dramatic forms, one originating in 5th century Greece, the other in 20th century United States.

CLASSICS 260-CN Classical Mythology (1 Unit)  

Introduction to Greek and Roman traditional narratives. Emphasis on the social, political, and religious values that they engage.

CLASSICS 351-CN Greek and Latin Literature (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

CLASSICS 390-CN Topics in Greco-Roman Civilization: (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.