Exams and Attendance

Regular Examinations

Regular course examinations are held during the last week of each quarter at the times indicated in the quarterly class schedule, accessible via CAESAR and at www.registrar.northwestern.edu/registration. Summer Session examinations are usually held at the last class meeting. Students are responsible for knowing the time and location of each examination. Early examinations are not permitted. Both the instructor and the dean may permit a student to be absent from the final examination for cause beyond the student’s control; normally such permission must be secured in advance of the date of the examination. For credit to be awarded, the student must complete the course and the grade must be changed no later than the end of the following like term, or the incomplete will be changed to a final grade of F (failure). Students planning to graduate within that time frame must complete courses and receive grades before graduating. Incomplete grades remaining at the time of degree conferral will be changed to final grades of F (failure).

Class Attendance and Absence

Students are expected to attend all sessions of the courses for which they are registered. Excessive absence is cause for failure in the course. Some courses require attendance at the first class meeting; students may be dropped for nonattendance. Such courses are designated in CAESAR as “First Class Mandatory.”