Business Institutions Minor

The minor in business institutions requires the successful completion with a grade of C– or above of 11 courses:

  • 4 prerequisite courses in mathematics, statistics, and economics
  • 4 business tools courses
  • 1 writing and speaking course
  • 2 social sciences and humanities electives

Students must complete the 4 prerequisite courses before declaring the minor.

Interested students should consult a program adviser or visit the program office for information.

See more details about the minor.

Course Title
Prerequisites (4 units) 1,2
ECON 201-0Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 202-0Introduction to Microeconomics
STAT 210-0Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (or equivalent) 3
MATH 218-1Single-Variable Calculus with Precalculus
or MATH 220-1 Single-Variable Differential Calculus
Minor Requirements (7 units) 4
4 business tools courses:
BUS_INST 301-0Accounting
BUS_INST 302-0Marketing Management
BUS_INST 303-0Leadership in Organizations
BUS_INST 304-0Corporate Finance (or equivalent) 5
1 writing and speaking in business course:
ENGLISH 282-0Writing and Speaking in Business 6
2 social sciences and humanities electives that have business institutions and practices as a central focus of inquiry, chosen from an approved list on the program website.

Social Sciences and Humanities Electives Requirements

  • Students may petition the program director to approve other humanities or social sciences courses with a significant focus on business institutions or practices.
  • Students may substitute 1 of the following courses for at most 1 of the 2 required social sciences and humanities electives:
    Course Title
    CFS 388-0Field Studies in Business Culture
    CFS 393-1Modern Workplace Culture
    CFS 395-1Business Workplace Culture
    ENTREP 325-0Engineering Entrepreneurship
    ENTREP 332-0Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures
    ENTREP 395-0Special Topics
  • Students earning a major in Economics may not use economics courses to fulfill the social sciences and humanities elective requirements.
  • Students earning a minor in Economics may not use 200-level economics courses to fulfill the social sciences and humanities elective requirements.