Human Resources

The Human Resources certificate enables students to develop foundational knowledge and skills related to balancing the interests of an organization with the rights and needs of employees. Students will be capable of supporting an organization to reach its strategic goals and improve business results while cultivating talented and capable staff.

Certificate Offered

Human Resources Courses

ORG_BEH 309-DL Fundamentals of HR Management (1 Unit)  

The course explores how HR has evolved from its inception to the present-day HR function – and the direction organizations need it to continue to move toward. The course focuses on ensuring the students learn that to be an effective leader within any organization, they must consider themselves as Human Resources Managers. To accomplish this, students will learn the key responsibilities and competencies of a cutting-edge Human Resources leader.

ORG_BEH 311-CN Conflict Resolution (1 Unit)  

Conflict theory and its application to negotiations; conflict resolution style, group membership's impact on conflict.

ORG_BEH 312-DL Managing Diversity & Inclusion (1 Unit)  

ORG_BEH 321-DL Employment Law (1 Unit)  

Policy, procedural guidelines, and supervisory practices relating to hiring, promotion, compensation, discharge, employment-at-will, and affirmative-action issues.