Theatre Minor

The minor in theatre encourages students majoring in other fields to organize their theatre studies in a coherent manner. The minor requires students to gain both depth and breadth in the study and practice of theatre.

Minor Requirements (7 units)

All courses for SoC majors, minors and distribution requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or higher and may not be taken P/N.

7 courses including at least 3 at the 300-level.

At least 5 of the 7 courses for the minor must be offered by the theatre department; the other 2 may be approved courses in departments or programs outside theatre (e.g., performance studies, gender studies, comparative literature). 

2 courses in theatre history, literature, criticism, or theory

Course Title
THEATRE 240-0Special Topics in Theatre Studies
THEATRE 241-1Theatre History I: Pre-1650
THEATRE 241-2Theatre History II: Post 1650
THEATRE 242-0Topics in Shakespeare
THEATRE 244-1Modern & Contemp Theatre: Modern
THEATRE 244-2Modern & Contemp Theatre: Contemporary
THEATRE 245-0Theatre of the Americas
THEATRE 253-0Music Theatre History
THEATRE 340-0Special Topics in Advanced Theatre Studies
THEATRE 341-0Theatre and Social Change
THEATRE 342-0Dramaturgy
THEATRE 343-0Puppetry History & Performance
THEATRE 344-0Gender & Performance
THEATRE 345-0African American Theatre
THEATRE 346-0Asian American Theatre
THEATRE 347-0Latinx Theatre
THEATRE 348-0Transnational Theatre
DANCE 201-0Cultural Studies of Dance
DANCE 215-0Dance History
DANCE 335-0Special Topics in Dance Research (Topic approval required)
CLASSICS 210-0The World of Homer
CLASSICS 245-0Classics and the Cinema
CLASSICS 340-0Greek and Roman Drama
ENGLISH 212-0Introduction to Drama
ENGLISH 234-0Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGLISH 312-0Studies in Drama
ENGLISH 322-0Medieval Drama
ENGLISH 332-0Renaissance Drama
ENGLISH 334-1Shakespeare
ENGLISH 334-2Shakespeare
ENGLISH 339-0Special Topics in Shakespeare
ENGLISH 342-0Restoration and 18th-Century Drama
FRENCH 272-0Introducing Theatre
FRENCH 279-0Theater in Translation
GNDR_ST 362-0Gender, Sexuality, and Drama
GNDR_ST 372-0Gender, Sexuality, and Performance
GERMAN 324-0Modern German Drama
GERMAN 329-0Brecht: Theater, Film, and Media
PERF_ST 200-0Introduction to Performance Studies
PERF_ST 305-0Performance Theory
PERF_ST 307-1Studies in Gender and Performance
PERF_ST 307-2Studies in Gender and Performance
PERF_ST 318-1Shakespeare's English Histories
PERF_ST 318-2Shakespeare Adaptations
PERF_ST 321-0Performing the American Fifties
PERF_ST 322-1Staging the Novel
PERF_ST 336-0Latino/a Performance
SLAVIC 369-0200 Years of Russian Drama
SPANISH 321-0Golden Age Drama

1 course in theatre performance

Course Title
THEATRE 171-0Basic Acting
THEATRE 211-0Fundamentals of Stage Directing
THEATRE 231-0Theatre for Young Audiences
THEATRE 271-0Intermediate Acting
THEATRE 281-0Intro to Playwriting
THEATRE 330-0Special Topics in TYA
THEATRE 332-1The Art of Storytelling
THEATRE 332-2Advanced Storytelling
THEATRE 333-1Creative Drama
THEATRE 333-2Advanced Creative Drama
THEATRE 361-0Partnered Swing Dancing
THEATRE 380-0Special Topics in Playwriting
THEATRE 382-0Playwriting Genres
THEATRE 383-1Advanced Playwriting Sequence
THEATRE 383-2Advanced Playwriting Sequence
THEATRE 383-3Advanced Playwriting Sequence

1 course in theatre design

Course Title
THEATRE 220-0Introduction to Theatre Design
THEATRE 221-1Design Process: Scene
THEATRE 221-2Design Process: Costume
THEATRE 221-3Design Process: Lighting
THEATRE 222-0Stage Makeup
THEATRE 223-0Theatre Sound
THEATRE 320-0Special Topics in Theatre Design
THEATRE 321-1Advanced Design Process: Scene
THEATRE 321-2Advanced Design Process: Costume
THEATRE 321-3Advanced Design Process: Lighting
THEATRE 357-0Orchestration
RTVF 190-0Media Construction
RTVF 220-0Analyzing Media Texts
ART 210-0Introduction to Drawing
ART 220-0Introduction to Painting
ART 240-0Introduction to Sculpture
DSGN 208-0Design Thinking and Doing

- 2 additional courses in one of the above areas to form a required concentration

- 1 theatre elective course (any course within the Theatre Department)

NOTE: The sequence of courses in acting (273-1,2,3; 341-1,2,3; 373-1,2,3) is open solely to theatre majors due to the space limitations of these courses.  Declaring a theatre minor will not provide access to these courses.