Spring 2023

BUSCOM 431SFHigh-Tech Business Strategy
BUSCOM 510Contracts
BUSCOM 513The Business, Law, & Technology of Space Commerce
BUSCOM 597Planning and Designing a Distressed Corporate Restructuring
BUSCOM 599Internal Corporate Investigations
BUSCOM 601SBusiness Associations
BUSCOM 609Corporate Governance
BUSCOM 620Securities Regulation
BUSCOM 624Securities Regulation: Enforcement & Liability
BUSCOM 630Labor Law
BUSCOM 631Entrepreneurship Law
BUSCOM 633IStructuring Transactions: Real Estate
BUSCOM 633KStructuring Transactions: International Investments
BUSCOM 633MStructuring Transactions: Mergers and Acquisitions
BUSCOM 633TPrivate Equity Transactions
BUSCOM 637Media and Entertainment Law
BUSCOM 638Mergers and Acquisitions
BUSCOM 639Entertainment Law and Business
BUSCOM 642Business Planning
BUSCOM 645Corporate Finance II
BUSCOM 660Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
BUSCOM 661Securitization Law
BUSCOM 663International Securities Law
BUSCOM 665BBankruptcy
BUSCOM 670Practical Issues in Business Law
BUSCOM 690Basic Federal Income Taxation
BUSCOM 706International Investment
BUSCOM 722Innovation Lab
BUSCOM 724Partnership Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
BUSCOM 732Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts
BUSCOM 736Advanced Contract Drafting for Entrepreneurs
BUSCOM 778Law Practice in Hi-Tech Industries
BUSCOM 779Practicum: High Tech
BUSCOM 780The Business & Law of Venture Deals
BUSCOM 783KLaunching and Leading Startups
BUSCOM 790Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
BUSCOM 901-0Business Formation & Structure
BUSCOM 903-0Project Management for Regulated Industries
BUSCOM 906-0Contract Law
BUSCOM 911-0Applied AI in HealthTech
BUSCOM 912-0Assessing AI & Computational Technologies
BUSCOM 913-0Global Product Development
BUSCOM 915-0Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
BUSCOM 917-0Introduction to Securities Regulation
BUSCOM 925-0Employment Law
BUSCOM 940-0Entrepreneurship Lab: Part II
BUSCOM 945-0Business Combinations
BUSCOM 962-0Advanced Contracts: Practical Aspects
BUSCOM 975-0Introduction to Accounting and Financial Statements
BUSCOM 980-0Cases in New Venture Strategies
BUSCOM 981-0Introduction to Taxation: Business Income
BUSCOM 982-0Public Persuasion Skills and Strategies
BUSCOM 992-0Business Torts
CONPUB 500Constitutional Law
CONPUB 600Administrative Law
CONPUB 605CComparative Constitutional Law Seminar
CONPUB 608Telecommunications
CONPUB 610First Amendment
CONPUB 617SLocal Government Law
CONPUB 618Classical Athenian Law
CONPUB 619Employment Discrimination
CONPUB 633American Indian Law
CONPUB 638Practicum: Public Interest Law
CONPUB 640Critical Race Theory
CONPUB 642Critical Theory/Critical Lawyering
CONPUB 644Legislation
CONPUB 645Law and Social Change
CONPUB 647Practicum: Judicial
CONPUB 650Federal Jurisdiction
CONPUB 656Practicum: Civil Government
CONPUB 660Immigration Law
CONPUB 664Animal Law
CONPUB 676Practicum: Media Law and Government Transparency
CONPUB 682Women, Gender and Human Rights
CONPUB 691International Team Project
CONPUB 695International Criminal Law
CONPUB 703Colloquium: International Human Rights
CONPUB 705International Externship Seminar
CONPUB 705AInternational Externship Field Placement
CONPUB 707Business and Human Rights
CONPUB 720Topics in Government Secrecy
CONPUB 722LComparative Law
CONPUB 728Land Use and Local Government
CONPUB 734Anti-Discrimination Law
CONPUB 735Human Trafficking
CONPUB 749Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law
CONPUB 755Global Freedom of Expression and the Press
CONPUB 758Reproductive Justice Seminar
CONPUB 759Marijuana Policy Law
CONPUB 765Constitutional Controversy in the Public Arena
CONPUB 896Intensive Practicum
CONPUB 897Intensive Practicum Seminar
CRIM 520Criminal Law
CRIM 608Practicum: Criminal Law
CRIM 610Constitutional Criminal Procedure
CRIM 620Criminal Process
CRIM 650Chicago’s Gun Violence Epidemic
CRIM 692Mass Incarceration
CRIM 693Restorative Justice, Community Building, and Practice
INTPROP 901-0Intellectual Property Fundamentals
INTPROP 905-0Patent Law
INTPROP 910-0Patent Preparation & Prosecution Workshop
INTPROP 912-0Patent Preparation & Prosecution Workshop II: Advanced Topics
INTPROP 922-0Patenting Software Inventions
INTPROP 935-0Introduction to IP Licensing
INTPROP 940-0IP Strategy & Management
INTPROP 945-0IP Valuation
INTPROP 955-0Intellectual Property Investments and Capital Markets: A Global Perspective
LAWSTUDY 500Independent Study
LAWSTUDY 541Communication and Legal Reasoning II
LAWSTUDY 591The Law of Racial & Social Justice Movements
LAWSTUDY 593Historical Perspectives on Ethical Lawyering and the Regulation of Lawyers
LAWSTUDY 615Law and Rhetoric
LAWSTUDY 620Advanced Legal Research
LAWSTUDY 620AAdvanced Legal Writing: Argument, Advocacy, Drafting
LAWSTUDY 622Basics of Contract Drafting
LAWSTUDY 628Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for the Court
LAWSTUDY 629Foreign, Comparative, and International Legal Research
LAWSTUDY 631LEconomic Analysis of Law
LAWSTUDY 647BAuthenticity in Legal Practice
LAWSTUDY 667JDPhD Workshop
LAWSTUDY 690Senior Research
LAWSTUDY 698Access to Justice in the U.S. & the Developing World
LAWSTUDY 704Colloquium: Public Law
LAWSTUDY 710Privacy Law
LAWSTUDY 716Advanced Legal Writing (LLM)
LAWSTUDY 718Law of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
LAWSTUDY 722Economic Analysis of Corp. Securities Law
LAWSTUDY 726The Legal Profession: Careers of Law Graduates
LAWSTUDY 850The Surveillance State
LAWSTUDY 901-0Negotiation Skills & Strategies
LAWSTUDY 903-0Negotiating with Tactical Empathy
LAWSTUDY 906Global Exchange Study
LAWSTUDY 910-0Ethics and Law in STEM-Related Fields
LAWSTUDY 922American Legal Studies:Con Law
LAWSTUDY 950-0Research in Law, Business & Technology
LAWSTUDY 956-0Effective Professional Communication
LAWSTUDY 990Graduate Research
LITARB 510Complex Civil Litigation - The Judicial Perspective
LITARB 600Legal Ethics
LITARB 600BLegal Ethics
LITARB 600GLegal Ethics in a Global Legal Practice
LITARB 601Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
LITARB 603Poverty Law
LITARB 608Litigation, Crises and Strategic Communications
LITARB 620Advanced Trial Practice
LITARB 627Dispute Resolution
LITARB 635Evidence
LITARB 636Advanced Evidence
LITARB 650Civil Procedure II
LITARB 656Remedies
LITARB 659Federal Civil Discovery
LITARB 670Negotiation
LITARB 676Practicum: Mediation Practice
LITARB 686Contemporary Problems in Complex Litigation
LITARB 699Trial Team II
LITARB 700Clinic: DPELC Entrepreneurship Law
LITARB 700TDPELC Bay Area Trip
LITARB 705Clinic Practice: Tenant Advocacy
LITARB 708Clinic Practice: Center on Wrongful Convictions
LITARB 714Clinic: International Human Rights Advocacy
LITARB 719Clinic: Federal Appellate Practice
LITARB 721Clinic: Civil Rights Litigation
LITARB 722Clinic Practice: The United States Supreme Court
LITARB 728Clinic Practice: Immigration Law
LITARB 729Clinic Practice: Environmental Advocacy
LITARB 730Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
LITARB 733Clinic Juvenile Justice Pre-Trial, Trial, Appeal and Post-Dispositional / Post-Conviction Advocacy
LITARB 734Clinic: Second Chances for Youth: Decarceration, Diversion and Post-Sentencing Advocacy
LITARB 740Civil Rights Lawyering Seminar
LITARB 745Clinic Practice: Women and Children's Human Rights Advocacy: International and Domestic
LITARB 746Clinic: Community Justice and Civil Rights Litigation
LITARB 803EEthics
LITARB 895MNegotiation
LITARB 896Intensive Clinical Practice
PPTYTORT 530Property
PPTYTORT 610Environmental Law
PPTYTORT 620Family Law
PPTYTORT 625Estates and Trusts
PPTYTORT 645Colloquium: Climate Change
PPTYTORT 650Intellectual Property
PPTYTORT 651Patent Law
PPTYTORT 658Disability Law
PPTYTORT 664Information Privacy Seminar
PPTYTORT 674Intellectual-Property Strategy and Business Implications for Companies
PPTYTORT 693Health and Human Rights
REGLAW 901-0Legal & Regulatory Process
REGLAW 904-0Global Transactions & Compliance
REGLAW 922-0Data Privacy: Law, Regulation & Application
REGLAW 940-0Medical Devices: Regulation & Compliance
REGLAW 942-0Climate Change: Law & Policy
REGLAW 947-0Health Informatics: Practical Data Applications
REGLAW 960-0Data Security Regulations: Data Breaches and Beyond
REGLAW 972-0Healthcare Law & Regulation: State
REGLAW 973-0Health Law
REGLAW 974-0Healthcare Law & Regulation: Federal
REGLAW 980-0Regulatory Compliance: Product Approval & Life Cycle Issues
REGLAW 982-0Gaming Law & Regulation
REGLAW 992-0RegTech: Transforming the Interaction of Regulators, Regulated Enterprises, and Markets
REGLAW 995-0Regulatory Policy
TAXLAW 602S Corporations and Other Specially Taxed Entities
TAXLAW 613Corporate Reorganizations
TAXLAW 618Tax Aspects of Private Equity Transactions
TAXLAW 621Advanced Partnership Taxation
TAXLAW 631Controlled Foreign Corporations
TAXLAW 632International Estate Planning
TAXLAW 641Advanced Taxation of Property Transactions
TAXLAW 642Taxation of Structured Real Estate Transactions
TAXLAW 643European Union Taxation
TAXLAW 644Taxation of Debt Instruments and other Financial Transactions
TAXLAW 651Estate Planning
TAXLAW 655Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates
TAXLAW 669International Taxation of Partnerships
TAXLAW 673Advanced International Corporate Tax Transactions
TAXLAW 676Tax Audits, Appeals, and Litigation
TAXLAW 681Investigation, Prosecution and Defense of Tax Crimes
TAXLAW 682ERISA and Employee Benefits
TAXLAW 689Consolidated Returns
TAXLAW 690Colloquium: Advanced Topics in Taxation
TAXLAW 805EU.S. International Taxation
TAXLAW 902Tax Excel Modeling