Computer Science Second Major for ISP Students

The Integrated Science Program is a highly selective program in Weinberg College.  Weinberg College students, but not McCormick students, majoring in ISP may complete a limited, second major in computer science through a curriculum tailored specifically to their needs:

Course Title
Core courses (same as for stand-alone major)
EECS 101-0Computer Science: Concepts, Philosophy, and Connections (recommended)
Or an additional course from the breadth course lists.
EECS 111-0Fundamentals of Computer Programming
EECS 211-0Fundamentals of Computer Programming II
EECS 212-0Mathematical Foundations of Comp Science
EECS 213-0Introduction to Computer Systems
EECS 214-0Data Structures & Algorithms
Breadth courses (same as for stand-alone major: 5 courses, one from each area)
Project courses (2 units; projects must be approved by both ISP and CS advisers)
EECS 399-0Projects
or INTG_SCI 398-0 Undergraduate Research