Music Education Major

Bachelor of Music degrees in music education require a minimum of 48.5 to 51.5 units, and include core music requirements (13 units), major requirements (22 units), certification track requirements (9.5-12.5 units), distribution requirements (4 units), and non-registration requirements.

Music Core Requirements (13 units)

Course Title
MUSIC 111-1
MUSIC 111-2
MUSIC 111-3
Music Theory I
and Music Theory II
and Music Theory III
MUSIC 211-1
MUSIC 211-2
MUSIC 211-3
Music Theory IV
and Music Theory V
and Music Theory VI
MUSIC 126-1
MUSIC 126-2
MUSIC 126-3
Aural Skills I
and Aural Skills II
and Aural Skills III
MUSIC 226-1
MUSIC 226-2
MUSIC 226-3
Aural Skills IV
and Aural Skills V
and Aural Skills VI
MUSIC 127-1
MUSIC 127-2
MUSIC 127-3
Keyboard Skills 1
and Keyboard Skills 2
and Keyboard Skills 3 (or higher course number based on placement)
MUSIC 227-1
MUSIC 227-2
MUSIC 227-3
Keyboard Skills 4
and Keyboard Skills 5
and Keyboard Skills 6
MUSIC 214-0
MUSIC 215-0
MUSIC 216-0
The Classical Canon
and Performers and Performance
and Music in the Present
CONDUCT 326-0Basic Conducting

Music Education (22 units)

Course Title
Applied lessons (9 quarters)
MUSIC_ED 260-0Introduction to Music Education
CONDUCT 340-1Advanced Conducting Band
or CONDUCT 340-2 Advanced Conducting Choral
or CONDUCT 340-3 Advanced Conducting Orchestral
MUSIC_ED 361-0Teaching General Music I
MUSIC_ED 364-0Teaching Instrumental Music I
MUSIC_ED 366-0Teaching Choral Music I
MUSIC_ED 314-0Practicum (4 quarters)
MUSIC_ED 326-0World Music Pedagogy
MUSIC_ED 327-0Teaching Exceptional Children
MUSIC_ED 358-0Philosophy of Music Education
SESP 201-0Human Development: Childhood and Adolescence
or PSYCH 244-0 Developmental Psychology
TEACH_ED 322-0Content Area Reading and Writing
Student Teaching, selected from MUSIC_ED 370-387 (1 quarter, full time)
MUSIC_ED 390-0Student Teaching Colloquium

Choral Track (12.5 units)

Course Title
MUSIC 327-1
MUSIC 327-2
MUSIC 327-3
Keyboard Skills 7
and Keyboard Skills 8
and Keyboard Skills 9
VOICE 111-1
VOICE 111-2
VOICE 111-3
Phonetics and Diction I
and Phonetics and Diction II
and Phonetics and Diction III
VOICE 311-0Vocal Solo Class (11 quarters)
CONDUCT 364-0Choral Organizations (11 quarters)
One MUSIC_ED 200-level Instrumental Techniques Elective
MUSIC_ED 237-0String Class
MUSIC_ED 231-0Guitar Class
MUSIC_ED 240-0Classroom Instruments
MUSIC_ED 362-0Teaching General Music II
or MUSIC_ED 368-0 Teaching Composition in the Schools
MUSIC_ED 367-0Teaching Choral Music II

General Track (9.5 units)

Course Title
Major Ensemble (11 quarters)
MUSIC_ED 200-level Instrumental Techniques elective (1 quarter)
MUSIC_ED 231-0Guitar Class
MUSIC_ED 237-0String Class
MUSIC_ED 240-0Classroom Instruments
MUSIC_ED 362-0Teaching General Music II
MUSIC_ED 365-0Teaching Instrumental Music II
or MUSIC_ED 367-0 Teaching Choral Music II
or MUSIC_ED 368-0 Teaching Composition in the Schools

Instrumental Track (11 units)

Course Title
Major Ensemble (10 quarters)
CONDUCT 391-0Chamber Music
MUSIC_ED 230-0Woodwind Class
MUSIC_ED 234-0Double Reeds Class
MUSIC_ED 235-0High Brass Class
MUSIC_ED 236-0Low Brass Class
MUSIC_ED 237-0String Class (2 quarters)
or CONDUCT 345-0 Orchestral Bowing: Style and Function
MUSIC_ED 239-0Percussion Class
MUSIC_ED 362-0Teaching General Music II
or MUSIC_ED 368-0 Teaching Composition in the Schools
MUSIC_ED 365-0Teaching Instrumental Music II

Distribution Requirements (4 units)

Course Title
Area I (Natural Sciences) (1 unit)
Area III Social and Behavioral Sciences (1 unit)
Area IV Historical Studies and/or Area V Ethics and Values (2 units)

All distribution courses must be non-music.

Non-Registration Requirements

Course Title
By May 1 of sophomore year:
Orientation CEF
Illinois Basic Skills Test
Petition for Advanced Standing
By December 1 of junior year:
Illinois Content Area Test #143 (K-12 Music)
Petition for Student Teaching
By May 1 of junior year:
Practicum CEF
Senior Year:
Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)
Completion of Health and Safety Module (Music Education CANVAS page)
After Student Teaching:
APT Test #104
Two additional CEF Student Surveys