Human Communication Sciences Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

There is one set of requirements for a major in human communication sciences. However, well-designed course plans are recommended for each area of concentration. Students should consult their advisor for details.

Major Requirements (12 units)

Introductory Courses (1 unit)

1 COMM_ST course which must be passed with a grade of C (not C–) or higher

Course Title
COMM_ST 101-0Interpersonal Communication
or COMM_ST 102-0 Public Speaking

CSD Courses (11 units)

11 CSD courses, all of which must be passed with a grade of C (not C–) or higher, and which include the following:

Course Title
CSD 110-0Introduction to Hearing and Speech Acoustics
CSD 392-0Language Development and Usage
CSD 318-0Introduction to Audiology
CSD 320-0Introduction to Speech, Language, Learning, and Their Disorders
7 additional CSD courses 1

Additional Requirements (30 units)

Writing Proficiency

Requirement for all students.

Distribution Requirements (18 units)

18 units of credit outside the department, including:

  • 5 in the School of Communication’s science, mathematics, and technology distribution area, including:
    • Statistics (1 course)

      Course Title
      CSD 304-0Statistics in Communication Sciences and Disorders
      or PSYCH 201-0 Statistical Methods in Psychology
      or STAT 232-0 Applied Statistics
    • Neurobiology (1 course)

      Course Title
      CSD 202-0Neurobiology of Communication
      or PSYCH 221-0 Introduction to Neuroscience
      or BIOL_SCI 302-0 Fundamentals of Neurobiology
      or NEUROSCI 202-0 Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
    • Mathematics (1 course)

    • Animal-related Biology (1 course) 

      Course Title
      BIOL_SCI 104-0Plant-People Interactions
      BIOL_SCI 109-0The Nature of Plants
    • Physics or Chemistry (1 course)

  • Either the biology or the physics/chemistry course must have a lab component
  • 3 in the school’s individual and social behavior distribution area
  • 3 in the school’s humanities and fine arts distribution area
  • 7 additional units of credit outside the department


Electives in communication and other areas to complete a minimum of 42 units of credit.

Honors in Communication Sciences and Disorders

An honors program is available for Human Communication Sciences majors in their senior year who have maintained an outstanding undergraduate record through their junior year. Upon successful completion of an honors project, they will graduate with honors in communication sciences and disorders. Also see Honors and Prizes.