Earth and Planetary Sciences Second Major for ISP Students

Second Major for ISP Student Requirements (5 units beyond ISP requirements):

  • Completion of the ISP Program requirements fulfills the Related Course Requirements for the dual Earth+ISP major.
  • EARTH 350-0 Physics of the Earth must be completed as a course in the ISP major (no substitutions).
  • EARTH 201-0 Earth Systems Revealed
  • 1 300-level course must be from the Skills Requirement Spatial Reasoning list, or the Skills Requirement Analytical/Instrumentation/Field list. See Earth and Planetary Sciences Major page.
  • 2 additional 300-level EARTH courses (excluding EARTH 399-0 Independent Study)
  • 1 additional 300-level or 400-level EARTH course, or EARTH 399-0 Independent Study