Cognitive Science Minor

The minor in cognitive science broadens the academic background of students majoring in related fields, providing them with the methods and foundations for understanding cognitive issues in an interdisciplinary framework.

Course Title
Minor Requirements (8 units)
2 introductory courses chosen from:
Introduction to Cognitive Modeling
Language and the Brain
Learning, Representation & Reasoning
2 basic methodology courses, at least 1 from outside the student’s major, chosen from:
Statistical Methods in Psychology
Research Methods in Psychology
Introduction to Computer Programming
Fundamentals of Computer Programming
4 additional courses:
Must be chosen from at least two areas. (For available areas, see the advanced electives for the major.)
At least 3 must be at the 300 level.
At least 3 must be outside the student’s major department or program.
At least 1 must be chosen from the core courses listed in the cognitive science major requirements.