Writing for Print and Digital Media

SPS Certificate website: https://sps.northwestern.edu/post-baccalaureate/writing-print-and-digital-media/

Although communication in the digital age is most often focused on technology, delivery and platform, compelling and timely writing and storytelling is crucial to making the message heard. The Writing for Print and Digital Media certificate provides a solid foundation in journalistic writing, editing, and narrative technique for work in print and across digital media platforms. Students develop a robust skill set for communication in formats from blogs to brochures, websites to direct marketing. The program teaches clear, concise writing, foundations of persuasive communication, visual content production and design, and long- and short-form storytelling in multimedia formats. The core journalistic writing courses are taught by current and emeritus faculty from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism; all courses are offered evenings and weekends.

The program is ideal for online content producers and editors, designers, and professionals working in communications, social media, marketing, public relations or advertising roles.

Writing for Print and Digital Media Courses

JRN_WRIT 201-A Writing for Media (1 Unit)  

Fundamental journalistic writing techniques -- skills that work well in any academic or vocational setting and result in clear, crisp, concise writing.

JRN_WRIT 201-B Visual Storytelling (1 Unit)  

Through independent reporting, coaching and class critiques, introduction to visual story telling (photos and text together) and reaching a specific audience.

JRN_WRIT 380-CN Magazine Article Writing (1 Unit)  

Introduction writing, editing, and analyzing magazine articles across a variety of types and styles. The magazine publishing environment. Some writing experience is required, although not necessarily magazine writing.

JRN_WRIT 390-CN Topics in Journalism (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

JRN_WRIT 391-CN Topics in Journalism (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

JRN_WRIT 399-CN Independent Study (1 Unit)