Segal Design Certificate

This certificate program, administered by the Segal Design Institute, develops a set of design and problem-solving skills that prove valuable in a wide range of careers. The program focuses on applying user-centered design to address real-world problems in team-based, interdisciplinary settings.

Course Title
Certificate Requirements (6 units)
1 prerequisite:
DSGN 106-1Design Thinking and Communication
or DSGN 208-0 Design Thinking and Doing
1 2-quarter design sequence:
DSGN 384-1
DSGN 384-2
Interdiscipinary Design Projects I
and Interdiscipinary Design Projects II
or DSGN 380-1
DSGN 380-2
Industrial Design Projects I
and Industrial Design Projects II
1 portfolio course and public portfolio presentation:
DSGN 370-0Engineering Design Portfolio
All students must present their portfolio at a Segal Design Expo. This is typically done as part of DSGN 370-0.
3 elective courses from an approved list, including: 1
1 DSGN course
2 courses at the 300 level
Graduate courses may not be used towards the certificate.
Course with grades lower than a "C" will not be acceptable for this certificate.
P/N courses are not allowed (except for DSGN 375-0).
Electives must be from the approved elective list or approved by petition (no more than one unit by petition).