Composition Major

Bachelor of Music degrees in composition require a minimum of 48 units, and include core music requirements (15 units), major requirements (19 units), and distribution and elective requirements (14 units).

Music Core Requirements (15 units)

Course Title
MUSIC 111-1
MUSIC 111-2
MUSIC 111-3
Music Theory I
and Music Theory II
and Music Theory III
MUSIC 211-1
MUSIC 211-2
MUSIC 211-3
Music Theory IV
and Music Theory V
and Music Theory VI
MUSIC 126-1
MUSIC 126-2
MUSIC 126-3
Aural Skills I
and Aural Skills II
and Aural Skills III
MUSIC 226-1
MUSIC 226-2
MUSIC 226-3
Aural Skills IV
and Aural Skills V
and Aural Skills VI
MUSIC 127-1
MUSIC 127-2
MUSIC 127-3
Keyboard Skills 1
and Keyboard Skills 2
and Keyboard Skills 3 (or higher course number based on placement)
MUSIC 214-0
MUSIC 215-0
MUSIC 216-0
The Classical Canon
and Performers and Performance
and Music in the Present
CONDUCT 326-0Basic Conducting
One MUSICOL elective
One 20th/21st century Music Studies elective
Three quarters ensemble (1.5 units)

Composition Major Requirements (19 units)

Course Title
MUS_COMP 112-0Applied Composition for Music Majors (3 units)
MUS_COMP 212-0Applied Composition for Music Majors (3 units)
MUS_COMP 312-0Applied Composition for Music Majors (6 units)
MUS_COMP 314-1Instrumentation (1 unit)
MUS_COMP 314-2Orchestration (1 unit)
MUS_THRY 316-016th Century Counterpoint (1 unit)
Three elective courses in MUS_COMP or MUS_THRY
One elective course in MUS_TECH
MUS_COMP 380-0Senior Recital (0 units)
MUS_COMP 390-0Composition Colloquium (12 quarters, 0 units)

Distribution and Elective Requirements (14 units)

Course Title
Area I Natural Sciences or Area II Formal Studies or Music Technology (1 unit)
Area III Social/Behavioral Sciences (1 unit)
Area IV Historical Studies (1 unit)
Area V Ethics and Values (1 unit)
Area VI Literature/Fine Arts (1 unit)
English Composition course (1 unit)
Electives (8 units, either music or non-music courses)
Business/Finance Overlay course (may double count with any other requirement)