Journalistic Writing (JRN_WRIT)

JRN_WRIT 201-A Writing for Media (1 Unit)  

Fundamental journalistic writing techniques -- skills that work well in any academic or vocational setting and result in clear, crisp, concise writing.

JRN_WRIT 201-B Visual Storytelling (1 Unit)  

Through independent reporting, coaching and class critiques, introduction to visual story telling (photos and text together) and reaching a specific audience.

JRN_WRIT 202-CN Reporting & Writing (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

JRN_WRIT 390-CN Topics in Journalism (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

JRN_WRIT 391-CN Topics in Journalism (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

JRN_WRIT 399-CN Independent Study (1 Unit)