Managerial Analytics (KELLG_MA)

KELLG_MA 320-0 Analytical Decision Modeling (1 Unit)  

KELLG_MA 322-0 Pricing (1 Unit)   Comparison of the three main ways to set prices-haggling/negotiation, posted price, and auctions. How to choose the best method in a given situation. Customizing the price of the same product or service to different segments, using optimization models to set prices when volume is uncertain, pricing multiple products. Introduction to techniques for gathering information about buyer valuations and demands, including regression, conjoint analysis, and enterprise value creation.

KELLG_MA 324-0 Operations and Supply Chain Management (1 Unit)   Management of business processes-i.e., a firm's recurring activities. Challenges facing operations managers; the language, concepts, insights, and tools needed to gain competitive advantage through operations and supply chains; different strategies for different processes and supply chain structures, and the operational capabilities allowing and supporting them.

KELLG_MA 326-0 Topics in Managerial Analytics (1 Unit)   In-depth examination of selected issues in managerial analytics; topic varies each year.

KELLG_MA 328-0 Competitive Strategy and Industrial Structure (1 Unit)   The course studies the determinants nature of competitive strategy in a variety of industry structures.