Module Requirements (6 units)

Prerequisites (1 unit)

Course Title
THEATRE 281-0Intro to Playwriting

Required Courses (5 units)

Select 1 of 2 tracks:

Track One

  • The Advanced Playwriting Sequence AND 2 elective courses from the list below.

Track Two

  • 2 Genre Playwriting Courses AND 3 elective courses from the list below.

The playwriting module electives change every year according to the classes offered in each department. Generally, electives are courses that generate new work across artistic mediums and incorporate knowledge or skills utilized in new play development. Electives that satisfy this requirement include: 

Course Title
AF_AM_ST 259-0Introduction to African-American Drama
AF_AM_ST 365-0Black Chicago
ANTHRO 361-0Talk as Social Action
ASIAN_AM 380-0Studies in Arts and Performance
COMM_ST 102-0Public Speaking
COMM_ST 103-0Argumentation and Debate
COMM_ST 205-0Theories of Persuasion
ENGLISH 202-0Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGLISH 206-0Reading & Writing Poetry
ENGLISH 207-0Reading and Writing Fiction
ENGLISH 208-0Reading & Writing Creative Non-Fiction
ENGLISH 209-0Topics in Genre Writing
ENGLISH 282-0Writing and Speaking in Business
ENGLISH 305-0Advanced Composition
ENGLISH 306-0Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGLISH 307-0Advanced Creative Writing
ENGLISH 308-0Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGLISH 309-0Advanced Creative Cross-Genre Writing
ENGLISH 393-1Theory and Practice of Poetry
ENGLISH 393-2Theory and Practice of Poetry
ENGLISH 393-3Theory and Practice of Poetry
ENGLISH 394-1Theory & Practice of Fiction
ENGLISH 394-2Theory & Practice of Fiction
ENGLISH 394-3Theory & Practice of Fiction
ENGLISH 395-1Theory and Practice of Creative Nonfiction
ENGLISH 395-2Theory and Practice of Creative Nonfiction
ENGLISH 395-3Theory and Practice of Creative Nonfiction
ENTREP 310-0Personal Branding
GNDR_ST 362-0Gender, Sexuality, and Drama
GNDR_ST 372-0Gender, Sexuality, and Performance
JOUR 201-1Fundamentals of Reporting & Writing News
JOUR 201-2Fundamentals of Video Journalism
JOUR 291-0Intro to Podcasting
JOUR 320-0Storytelling: Interactive News
JOUR 368-0Documentary
JOUR 371-0Journalism of Empathy
JOUR 373-0Medill Investigative Lab
LATINO 312-0Latinx Chicago
LATINO 393-0Topics in Latina and Latino Text and Representation
LRN_SCI 309-0Inclusive Making
PERF_ST 224-0Adapting Narrative for Group Performance
PERF_ST 313-0Documentary Theater and Performance
PERF_ST 338-0Family Stories, Memoirs and Diaries
RTVF 260-0Foundations of Screenwriting
RTVF 358-0Topics in Improv
RTVF 363-0Writing the TV Pilot
RTVF 364-0Writing the Feature
RTVF 365-0Writing the Adaptation
THEATRE 255-0Creating the Musical
THEATRE 332-1The Art of Storytelling
THEATRE 332-2Advanced Storytelling
THEATRE 333-1Creative Drama
THEATRE 333-2Advanced Creative Drama
THEATRE 342-0Dramaturgy
THEATRE 347-0Latinx Theatre
THEATRE 355-0Advanced Creating the Musical

Additional Requirements (0 units)

Course Title
CMN 370-0Module Capstone

This zero-credit course encompasses all co-curricular activities and the capstone project required for completion of the module.