Learning & Organizational Change (LOC)

LOC 211-0 Intro to Organization Theory & Practice (1 Unit)   Examines major organizational behavior theories and practices through organizational analysis.

LOC 214-0 Culture and Cognition (1 Unit)   Research and theory on the interrelatedness of culture and thought. Combined with LRN_SCI 214-0; may not receive credit for both courses.

LOC 214-BR Culture and Cognition: SESP Leadership Institute (1 Unit)   Research and theory on the interrelatedness of culture and thought. Combined with LRN_SCI 214-0; may not receive credit for both courses.

LOC 216-0 Introduction to Organizational Learning (1 Unit)   Looks at perspectives on learning across levels from individuals to groups to organizations. The goal of the course is to set the foundation for comparing and contrasting different views of learning and making assessments of how each permit us to understand individual and collective processes and outcomes. The course emphasizes explanation, design, and critique through a combination of case analyses, primary empirical research, and project-based learning.

LOC 306-0 Studies in Organizational Change (1 Unit)   Examines theories and methods of organizational change through analysis of organizational adaptations; applies theories from learning sciences and organizational behavior.

LOC 308-0 Redesigning Everyday Organizations (1 Unit)   Concepts and methods for understanding and studying cognition and learning and putting these concepts and methods to use in a design/change project. Taught with LRN_SCI 308-0; may not receive credit for both courses.

LOC 309-0 Team Dynamics (1 Unit)   In this course, we will explore team dynamics, those forces that influence a team's behavior and performance, and what can enhance or hinder potential for impact. We will analyze the contributors to team functioning and their interrelationships at multiple levels: intrapersonal, interpersonal, group and organizational. Key topics include team development, team make-up and roles, leadership and followership, decision-making, navigating conflict, collaboration and competition, effective communication, content vs. process, diversity and in-group/out-group tensions. Throughout the class, students will be analyzing and applying concepts through case studies and simulations. Assignments to demonstrate mastery include regular written individual papers and a team project. This course is suitable for undergraduate students in LOC, Human Development in Context, and related majors throughout Northwestern that are interested in leadership, teams/groups or organizational change. Taught with HDC 309-0; may not receive credit for both courses.

LOC 310-0 Learning Organizations for Complex Environments (1 Unit)   Major change factors, including technology, globalization, and demographics, and their impact on organizations; how organizations are creating and responding to these changes through organizational design, learning systems, and human resource changes.

LOC 311-0 Tools for Organizational Analysis (1 Unit)   Understanding cause-and-effect relationships pertaining to organizational behavior and performance.

LOC 312-0 Modern Organization and Innovations (1 Unit)   Advances in technologies, from computation to analytics to new models of management and organizations, has radically transformed both every day work and classic models of management and organization. This course takes a novel approach to understanding these transformations by partnering a SESP faculty member with industry leaders and change agents to identify and analyze changing organizational forms and the implications for work in the contemporary economy. In doing so, this course will expose students to variants in organizational models, for example, from the highly institutionalized, yet ever changing, digital firm to firm-market hybrids that supply branded service yet do not employ the providers or own the assets that provide services. Students will have weekly analytic assignments that prepare for and reflect on industry co-instructor sessions as well as a final team project. This course is suitable for undergraduate students in LOC, social policy, and related majors throughout northwestern that are interested in leadership or organizational change. This advanced, highly interactive course fulfills new Learning and Organizational Change (LOC) requirements and is open to LOC students and beyond.

LOC 313-0 Learning and Thinking in Organizations (1 Unit)   Examines how human learning and thinking can facilitate organizational growth and change through methods such as instructional design, modeling, and evaluation of learning outcomes.

LOC 346-0 Psychology of Technology & Instructional Design (1 Unit)   Introduction to theory and practice in the development of technologies for formal and informal learning in the classroom, workplace, and everyday world.

LOC 351-0 Topics in Learning and Organizational Change (1 Unit)   Advanced work on special topics.

LOC 391-0 Organizational Planning & Analysis (1 Unit)   Culminating experience involving application of knowledge and skills to analyze real-world problems and solutions in learning and organizational change.