Business Enterprise Concentration


Program Director: Stephen F. Reed

Concentration Requirements

Course Title
Required Courses
BUSCOM 601SBusiness Associations
BUSCOM 620Securities Regulation
BUSCOM 670Practical Issues in Business Law
BUSCOM 690Basic Federal Income Taxation
BUSCOM 723Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM) 1
or BUSCOM 724 Partnership Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
Elective Courses
Select 14 credits from the following:
BUSCOM 605BContracts II: Complex Commercial Contracting
BUSCOM 605DContracts II: UCC Article 2 (Sales Law)
BUSCOM 621Advanced Securities Regulation
BUSCOM 624Securities Regulation: Enforcement & Liability
BUSCOM 629Employment Law
BUSCOM 630Labor Law
BUSCOM 631Entrepreneurship Law
BUSCOM 633MStructuring Transactions: Mergers and Acquisitions
BUSCOM 633VStructuring Transactions: Sale of a Business
BUSCOM 633WStructuring Transactions: Private M&A
BUSCOM 633YStructuring Transactions: Large Scale Privatizations
BUSCOM 633ZStructuring Transactions: Financial Institutions
BUSCOM 634The Derivatives Markets and Legal Practice
BUSCOM 638Mergers and Acquisitions
BUSCOM 642Business Planning
BUSCOM 649Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)
BUSCOM 650Antitrust Law
BUSCOM 656Corporate Finance
BUSCOM 660Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
BUSCOM 661Securitization Law
BUSCOM 665BBankruptcy
BUSCOM 667Corporate Restructuring: Bankruptcy Reorganizations
BUSCOM 679Banking Law and Regulation
BUSCOM 680Mutual Fund Regulation
BUSCOM 683Commercial Real Estate Finance: Debt and Equity Considerations in Real Estate Transactions
BUSCOM 684Tax Policy
BUSCOM 723Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
BUSCOM 724Partnership Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
BUSCOM 734Consumer Bankruptcy
CONPUB 619Employment Discrimination
CONPUB 732Telecommunications and Internet Regulation
LAWSTUDY 631LEconomic Analysis of Law
LAWSTUDY 633Colloquium: Law and Economics
PPTYTORT 610Environmental Law
PPTYTORT 630Tort and Products Liability
PPTYTORT 650Intellectual Property
PPTYTORT 651Patent Law
PPTYTORT 652Copyright Law
PPTYTORT 653Trademarks and Unfair Competition
PPTYTORT 686KThe Law of Real Estate Development and Finance
TAXLAW 621Advanced Partnership Taxation
TAXLAW 670International Taxation
Writing and Research Requirement
LAWSTUDY 690Senior Research 2
Minimum Credits Required: 29