JD-MBA Joint Degree


Program Co-Director (Law School): Steve Reed
Program Co-Director (Kellogg): Mark McCareins

Program Overview

The JD-MBA program combines academic grounding, analytical skills, and practical experience, and sets graduates up for success in law or business. Students earn a Juris Doctor from Northwestern Pritzker Law and a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management. This program enables students to follow their chosen career path, whether they aspire to be a business leader with legal expertise, or they want to pursue a law career with a solid foundation in management. The program also offers a rich array of experiential learning opportunities, enabling students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world, on-the-ground experiences.

Program Structure 

Year Course
First Year (Fall and Spring) Standard first-year law curriculum (Law School only)
First Year (Summer) Minimum 3 Kellogg units plus options Law School electives
Second Year Complete Kellogg's MBA requirements (Kellogg only)
Third Year Complete JD requirements plus options Kellogg electives (Law School and Kellogg*)


JDMBA students must complete all Kellogg requirements for the MBA plus all Law School requirements for the JD, with the following modifications to the JD curriculum:

Advanced Writing Requirement

JDMBA students may satisfy the writing requirement by completing either a Research Writing or a Professional Writing course, designated as such at the time of registration.  Students may not double count a course toward the Advanced Writing Requirement and another graduate requirement, such as Experiential Learning.

Perspective Elective

The JDMBA program is interdisciplinary by nature; JDMBA students are not required to complete a Perspective Elective course.

Co-Counted Credits

JDMBA students may count up to 27 credits from Kellogg toward the JD:

  • 1 Kellogg unit = 2.5 Law School credits.
  • No more than 12 credits will be applied from non-colisted Kellogg courses (any Kellogg course counted toward the MBA)
  • No more than 15 credits will be applied from co-listed Kellogg courses (see list below)  
Course Title
Students may count up to 15 credits from Core/Elective Courses on this list
Core MBA Courses
ACCT 430-0Accounting for Decision Making
If waived: 1
Managerial Accounting
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Note: ACCT-431 and ACCT-451 will not generate Law credit if taken in addition to ACCT-430
DECS 431-0Business Analytics II
FINC 430-0Finance I
or FINC 440-0 Accelerated Corporate Finance
If waived: 1
Finance II
Note: FINC-431 will not generate Law credit if taken in addition to FINC-430
MECN 430-0Microeconomic Analysis
If waived: 1
Competitive Strategy and Industrial Structure
Note: MECN-441 will not generate Law credit if taken in addition to MECN-430
STRT 431-0Business Strategy
Kellogg Elective Courses
Financial Planning for Mergers & Acquisitions
Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital
Investment Banking
NUVention: Medical Innovation I
and NUVention: Medical Innovation II
Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy
Public Economics for Business Leaders: State and Local Policy
Health and Human Rights
Legal Issues in Real Estate