Counseling MA

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required On-ground: Standard Curriculum 24 units, Two-Plus Curriculum 27 units 

Total Units Required Online: Standard Curriculum 24 units, Bridge Curriculum 27 Units

Course Title
COUN 406-0Research Methods in Counseling
COUN 406-6Research Methods in Counseling
COUN 411-0Psycho-dynamic Counseling - Individuals and Systems
COUN 411-6Psycho-dynamic Counseling-Individuals and Systems
COUN 412-0Theories & Techniques of Group dynamics
COUN 412-6Theories & Techniques of Group Dynamics
COUN 413-6Human Development (Child)
COUN 414-0Human Growth and Development
COUN 414-6Human Development (Adult)
COUN 415-0Psychopathology in Counseling
COUN 415-6Psychopathology in Counseling
COUN 416-0Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy
COUN 416-6Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy
COUN 417-0Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
COUN 417-6Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
COUN 418-0Psychodynamic Counseling
COUN 419-0Contemporary Issues in Career Counseling
COUN 422-0Foundations of Family, Marital and Couples Counseling
COUN 422-6Foundations of Family, Marital and Couples Counseling
COUN 425-0Improving Methods and Practices in Psychological Science: The Replication Crisis and Beyond
COUN 426-0Assessment in Counseling
COUN 426-6Assessment in Counseling
COUN 427-0Career Development
COUN 427-6Career Development
COUN 429-6Sexuality in Counseling
COUN 430-0Vocational Assessment in Counseling
COUN 436-0COUN 436-0 Child & Adolescent Counseling and Psychotherapy (1 Unit)
COUN 436-6Child & Adolescent Counseling and Psychotherapy
COUN 451-0Topics in Counseling
COUN 452-0Theory & Technique of Substance Abuse Counseling
COUN 452-6Theory & Technique of Substance Abuse Counseling
COUN 453-0Evaluation & Treatment of Trauma Disorders
COUN 453-6Evaluation & Treatment of Trauma Disorders
COUN 455-6Psychopharmacology for Clinical Mental Health Counselors
COUN 477-6Introduction to Clinical Practice
COUN 478-6Introduction to Clinical Interviewing
COUN 479-1Introduction to Clinical Practice
COUN 479-2Introduction to Clinical Practice
COUN 479-3Introduction to Clinical Practice
COUN 479-6Current Topics in Counseling
COUN 480-1Counseling Methods I: Skills for Counseling & Psychotherapy
COUN 480-2Counseling Methods II: Assessment and Intervention
COUN 480-3Counseling Methods III: Outreach, Prevention, and Advocacy
COUN 480-6Counseling Methods I: Skills for Counseling & Psychotherapy
COUN 481-0Supervised Practicum in Counseling
COUN 481-1Supervised Practicum in Counseling
COUN 481-2Supervised Practicum in Counseling
COUN 481-3Supervised Practicum in Counseling
COUN 481-6Counseling Methods II: Strategies for Counseling & Psychotherapy
COUN 482-0Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 482-1Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 482-2Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 482-3Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 482-4Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 482-6Counseling Methods III: Outreach, Prevention, and Advocacy
COUN 483-1Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
COUN 483-2Cultural Diversity in Counseling
COUN 483-3Advanced Topics in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
COUN 483-6Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling
COUN 484-1Individual Diagnosis and Assessment
COUN 484-2Individual Diagnosis and Assessment
COUN 484-3Individual Diagnosis and Assessment
COUN 484-6Cultural Diversity in Counseling
COUN 485-6Advanced Topics in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
COUN 486-6Supervised Practicum in Counseling I
COUN 487-6Supervised Practicum in Counseling II
COUN 488-6Supervised Practicum in Counseling III
COUN 489-6Supervised Internship in Counseling I
COUN 490-6Supervised Internship in Counseling II
COUN 491-0Readings in Counseling
COUN 491-6Supervised Internship in Counseling III
COUN 499-0Independent Study in Counseling
COUN 582-1Advanced Internship in Counseling
COUN 582-2Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 582-3Supervised Internship in Counseling
COUN 584-0Advanced Internship in Counseling