Global and Ecological Health Engineering

Degree Type: Certificate

The Certificate in Global and Ecological Health Engineering trains engineers to become globally competent in either biomedical or environmental engineering. This four-quarter program is run concurrently with the existing biomedical and environmental engineering master’s programs with one additional quarter, and includes a summer research project in Cape Town, South Africa; Jodhpur, India; Chicago, Illinois, or other locations.

The purpose of the certificate is to expand areas of expertise and broaden career opportunities for graduate students who want to work in positions beyond the borders of the United States and beyond the traditional borders of industry in the fields of biomedical or environmental engineering.

Graduates may expect to seek employment with consulting companies, industrial firms, civil society organizations, government service delivery programs and intergovernmental organizations. The flexibility of this certificate encourages the students to tailor their studies and open new horizons to address global health engineering.

The Certificate in Global and Ecological Health Engineering is offered in conjunction with the Masters Programs in either Biomedical Engineering or Environmental Engineering, two existing programs with a strong record in global health engineering and public health.

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