Media, Technology and Society

Degree Types: PhD

The Program in Media, Technology, and Society (MTS) offers an innovative, interdisciplinary, and flexible curriculum focusing on the impact of our dynamic media and technology environment. The program encourages students to pursue their passion by designing individualized programs that incorporate relevant classes from across the University.

The program faculty is internationally renowned for their research in areas such as children’s development, digital media use and effects, health and well-being, human-computer interaction, innovation and change, media institutions, networks and organizing, and social media. Our faculty actively pursues opportunities to make positive economic, cultural, and social impact through their research in businesses, nonprofit, and government agencies.

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Media, Technology and Society Courses

MTS 499-0 Independent Studies (1 Unit)  

Independent Studies.

MTS 501-0 Introduction to Grad Research in MTS (1 Unit)  

Acquaints students with the research practices and professional norms typical of this field of study. It offers survey of research methods in common use including textual analysis, qualitative and quantitative methods.

MTS 502-1 Intellectual Issues in Media, Technology, and Society (1 Unit)  

Explores the issues and ideas that have been influential in understanding media and mass culture including; research traditions; concepts of audience, spectatorship, and influence; and relations between science, technology and media culture.

MTS 503-0 The Practice of Scholarship (1 Unit)  

This course is a study of basic protocols of scholarly research and writing in the social sciences. Course work is focused on bringing a research project to the point at which an article is ready (or nearly so) for submission to a conference or a publication.

MTS 519-0 Responsible Conduct of Research (0 Unit)  

The course addresses the responsible conduct of research and its impact on individual and social behavior. Topics may include conflict of interest, mentor/mentee responsibilities and relationships, collaborative research including collaborations with industry, peer review, data acquisition and management, research misconduct, privacy, the researcher as a responsible member of society, and other current research conduct issues in this field.

MTS 525-0 Special Topics Research Seminar (1 Unit)  

Content varies. May be repeated for credit with change of topic.

MTS 590-0 Research (1-3 Units)  

Independent investigation of selected problems pertaining to thesis or dissertation.