Medical Anthropology PhD/MPH

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required:  MPH requires a total of 16 units and Anthropology PhD requires a minimum of 9 units. Three Anthropology courses can be double-counted towards the MPH. These include: (1) a methods course (either ANTHRO 386-0 Methods in Human Biology Research or ANTHRO 389-0 Ethnographic Methods and Analysis), and (2) two other elective courses from the list below.  All MPH/PhD candidates in Medical Anthropology complete the requirements for the "Generalist Concentration" in the MPH Program. 

MPH Course Requirements

Course Title
Core Courses
Behavior, Society & Health
Introduction to Biostatistics
Environmental Health Sciences
Introduction to Epidemiology
Foundations of Public Health I
Foundations of Public Health II
Foundations of Public Health III
Applied Practice Experience I
Applied Practice Experience II
Introduction to US Health Care System
Culminating Experience
Public Health Methods Course
Choose from:
Intermediate Biostatistics
Intermediate Epidemiology
Anthropology Methods Course
Choose from:
Methods in Human Biology Research
Ethnographic Methods and Analysis
Anthropology Curriculum Shared Public Health Content
Choose 2 from:
The Anthropology of Reproduction
Topics In Anthropology (Methods in Global Health and Anthropology)
Seminar in Mind, Body, & Health
Topics in Anthropology (Seminar on Society, Biology and Health or Human Population Biology)
ANTHRO 386-0 or ANTHRO 389-0 if not counted as Anthropology Methods Course
Electives: 5 units

PhD Course Requirements

Students are required to complete PhD course requirements based on the chosen subfield.

Required Papers and Proposals

Students are required to complete a Second Year Qualifying Paper, an Applied Public Health Experience (APEx), Culminating Experience Paper,  a Dissertation Proposal, and a PhD Dissertation.