Medical Humanities and Bioethics MA

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.

The Master of Arts in Medical Humanities & Bioethics program exposes students to the key conceptual approaches and methodological tools that each of the field's core disciplines contributes to addressing problems in medicine. These core disciplines include: Bioethics/Philosophy, Law, History, Literature, and the Social Sciences, and our required coursework covers each of these fields in turn in its engagement with medicine. 

This interdisciplinary training in Medical Humanities and Bioethics is particularly beneficial to students interested in building upon a primary area of expertise such as medicine, law, genetic counseling, and other related fields. For such students, the MA program both provides and marks an additional area of expertise that can enhance and expand their primary professional work. The MA offers training relevant to a variety of clinical, academic, and industry career paths, preparing students to take on roles such as serving on hospital ethics committees and institutional review boards, as well as engaging in education, scholarship, and policy work on medicine and ethics.

Master of Arts

Total Units Required: 10

Course Title
MHB 401-0Foundations of Bioethics
MHB 402-0Medicine & Law
MHB 403-0The History of Medicine and Bioethics
MHB 404-0Literature, Medicine, and Bioethics
MHB 405-0Social Science and Medicine
MHB 406-0The Practice of MH&B
MHB 410-1Special Topics in Medical Humanities and Bioethics (taken over 6 quarters for 2 units total)
MHB 499-0Independent Study (Tutorials in Medical Humanities & Bioethics)
MHB Capstone Project