Medicine and Public Health MD/MPH

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 11

Course Title
Core and Required Courses
PUB_HLTH 301-0Behavior, Society & Health
PUB_HLTH 302-0Introduction to Biostatistics
PUB_HLTH 303-0Environmental Health Sciences
PUB_HLTH 310-0Foundations of Public Health I
PUB_HLTH 311-0Foundations of Public Health II
PUB_HLTH 312-0Foundations of Public Health III
PUB_HLTH 420-0Introduction to US Health Care System
PUB_HLTH 418-0Applied Practice Experience I
PUB_HLTH 419-0Applied Practice Experience II
PUB_HLTH 560-0Culminating Experience
Intermediate Level Course Requirement
PUB_HLTH 421-0Intermediate Biostatistics
or PUB_HLTH 422-0 Intermediate Epidemiology
Methodology Requirement
One of the following courses in addition to one of the Intermediate level courses listed above:
Intermediate Biostatistics
Intermediate Epidemiology
Introduction to GIS and Spatial Analysis for Public Health
Health Services Research Design & Analysis Strategies: Technology Assessment
Practicum on Epidemiologic Research Design & Data
Survey Design & Methodology
Qualitative Research Methods
Design, Conduct & Analysis of Clinical Trials
Electives (3 units)