Stage Design MFA

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 33

Course Title
THEATRE 312-0Text Analysis
THEATRE 321-1Advanced Design Process: Scene
THEATRE 321-2Advanced Design Process: Costume
THEATRE 321-3Advanced Design Process: Lighting
THEATRE 325-1Drawing and Painting for the Theatre: Graphic Arts for the Stage Designer
THEATRE 325-2Drawing and Painting for the Theatre: Rendering the Theatrical Space
THEATRE 325-3Drawing and Painting for the Theatre: Rendering the Theatrical Figure
THEATRE 325-4Drawing & Painting for the Theatre: Drafting
THEATRE 326-1Drawing and Painting for the Theatre: Freehand Drawing
THEATRE 326-2Drawing and Painting for the Theatre: The Figure in Space
THEATRE 328-1Period Pattern Drafting and Draping
THEATRE 329-0Computer Graphics for the Theatre Artist
THEATRE 420-1Collaboration: American Realism
THEATRE 420-2Collaboration: Contemporary Drama
THEATRE 420-3Collaboration: Shakespeare in the 21st Century
THEATRE 462-1Advanced Studies in Lighting Design
THEATRE 462-2Advanced Studies in Lighting Design
THEATRE 462-3Advanced Studies in Lighting Design
THEATRE 463-1Advanced Studies in Scenic Design
THEATRE 463-2Advanced Studies in Scenic Design
THEATRE 463-3Advanced Studies in Scenic Design
THEATRE 464-1Advanced Studies in Costume Design
THEATRE 464-2Advanced Studies in Costume Design
THEATRE 464-3Advanced Studies in Costume Design
THEATRE 450-0Topics in Stage Design (primary field)
Theatre Special Topics: Design Theory
THEATRE 590-0Research
THEATRE 324-0Scene Painting
THEATRE 328-2Period Pattern Drafting and Draping
THEATRE 328-3Period Pattern Drafting and Draping
Electives chosen from available offerings in Schools of Speech and Music, and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
THEATRE 499-0Independent Study
(In the third year, 1-3 units may be replaced with THEATRE 380-0 Special Topics in Playwriting  with permission of the MFA faculty.)

Other MFA in Stage Design Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: assembly of yearly design portfolio for evaluation by faculty
  • Research/Projects: produced and theoretical design projects assigned by faculty
  • Master of Fine Arts Thesis: thesis portfolio demonstrating mastery of full range of graphic and conceptual skills pertaining to major area(s) of concentration and mastery of fundamental skills in secondary area(s)
  • Other: defense of thesis portfolio