Education Sciences

Degree Type: Certificate

The Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences (MPES) is designed for PhD students who want to pursue a research career studying critical policy and practice issues in the field of education. The program provides a unified system of research mentoring and coursework for students from a diverse set of academic fields. Students acquire knowledge of related work in a group of core related disciplines and engage in education-related research informed by the resulting cross-disciplinary insights. In addition to earning a certificate, MPES fellows earn financial support. With support from the U.S Department of Education, MPES fellows receive up to 3 years of graduate student tuition, $30,000 annual stipend, and funding to support research and travel.

Participants, known as MPES Fellows, are chosen by the MPES Steering Committee from among doctoral students in good standing currently enrolled in one of six participating Graduate School programs (or affiliated disciplines): Economics, Human Development and Social Policy, Learning Sciences, Psychology, Statistics, or Sociology. Applicants are chosen on the basis of the centrality of education to their programs of research and their scholarly promise.

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