Education Sciences Certificate

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 9-18

The Multidisciplinary Program in Education Sciences (MPES) is designed for PhD students who want to pursue a research career studying critical policy and practice issues in the field of education. The program provides a unified system of research mentoring and coursework for students from a diverse set of academic fields. Students acquire knowledge of related work in a group of core related disciplines and engage in education-related research informed by the resulting cross-disciplinary insights. 

Note, in many cases, students would complete some of these courses while meeting the typical requirements for their home program. Thus, although we have listed nine required courses, few students would need take nine additional courses.

Course Requirements:

Methods (4 required courses)
Take one of the following general courses:

Course Title
HDSP 410-0Quantitative Methods I: Probability and Statistics
LRN_SCI 410-0Quantitative Methods I: Probability and Statistics
PSYCH 451-1Statistics in Experimental Design

Take two of the following more specialized courses on quantitative methods:

Course Title
STAT 356-0Hierarchical Linear Models
HDSP 411-0Quantitative Methods II: Regression Analysis
LRN_SCI 411-0Quantitative Methods II: Regression Analysis
HDSP 412-0Quantitative Methods III: Empirical Tools for Causal Quantitative Analysis
PSYCH 405-0Psychometric Theory
PSYCH 454-0Psychological Measurement (Structural Equation Modeling)
STAT 439-0Meta-Analysis
STAT 461-0Advanced Topics in Statistics (Cluster Randomized Experiments)

Take one of the following qualitative methods courses:

Course Title
ANTHRO 389-0Ethnographic Methods and Analysis
HDSP 432-0Field Methods (Qualitative Research Methods)
SOCIOL 403-0Field Methods
HDSP 430-0Economics of Social Policy
HDSP 451-0Topics in Human Development & Soc Policy (Advanced Qualitative Methods)

Cognition and Student Learning
Take one of the following courses:

Course Title
LRN_SCI 401-0Knowledge Representation for the Learning Sciences (Cognition and Learning)
LRN_SCI 403-0Foundations of the Learning Science (Cognitive Science Foundations of the Learning Sciences)
PSYCH 462-0Cognitive Development
PSYCH 466-0Analogy and Similarity

Human Development
Take one of the following courses:

Course Title
HDSP 402-0Child Development and Social Policy
HDSP 404-0Adult Development and Aging

Policy and Social Contexts of Learning
Take two of the following courses:

Course Title
HDSP 451-0Topics in Human Development & Soc Policy (Analyzing Educational Policy)
HDSP 427-0Sociology of Education
HDSP 430-0Economics of Social Policy
SOC_POL 330-0Economics of Social Policy

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Take one of the following courses:

Course Title
SOC_POL 331-0Economics of Inequality and Discrimination
LRN_SCI 451-0Topics in Learning Sciences (Culture, Learning, and Poverty)
SESP 351-0Special Topics (Analyzing Intersections of Tech, Ethics, Race, and Power)