Materials Science and Engineering PhD

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 12

(Up to 6 units credit is given for the MS degree; see departmental guide.)

Course Title
MAT_SCI 401-0Chemical & Statistical Thermodynamics of Materials
MAT_SCI 402-0Structure of Crystalline and Noncrystalline Materials
MAT_SCI 404-0Imperfections in Materials
MAT_SCI 405-0Physics of Solids
MAT_SCI 406-0Mechanical Properties of Materials
MAT_SCI 408-0Phase Transformations in Materials
GEN_ENG 519-0Responsible Conduct for Research Training
Departmental Electives (2 units) 1
Electives (4 units) 2

400 level, excluding MAT_SCI 499-0 Projects 


excluding MAT_SCI 499-0 Projects 

Other PhD Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: preliminary evaluation based on research progress and coursework; qualifying examination emphasizing proposed dissertation research
  • Research/Projects: see departmental guide
  • PhD Dissertation: materials and results from supported research programs may be used for dissertation
  • Final Evaluations: public oral defense of dissertation
  • Departmental Seminar: attendance of research seminars
  • Teaching: a minimum of two quarters (to total 20 hrs/week) as a teaching assistant or grader