Medieval Studies Certificate

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 6

Course Requirements:

Course Title
LATIN 400-0Medieval Latin
MDVL_ST 420-0Medieval Doctoral Colloquium

Exception: Students in Medieval Archaeology may substitute the following courses for the Latin 400 requirement: ANTHRO 401-2 Logic of Inquiry in Anthropology (Archy) and ANTHRO 322-0 Introduction to Archaeology Research Design & Methods. Both courses must be completed.  

Pertinent courses/options (take at least four seminars in medieval subjects in at least two departments)

Course Title
ANTHRO 390-0Topics In Anthropology
ART_HIST 420-0Studies in Medieval Art
ENGLISH 422-0Studies in Medieval Literature
FRENCH 410-0Studies in Medieval Literature
HISTORY 430-1Field Seminar in Medieval European History
MDVL_ST 430-0Paleography
MUSICOL 350-0Topics in Medieval Music
PHIL 421-0Studies in Medieval Philosophy

Other Certificate Requirements:

Students who wish to receive the extra credential of a Certificate in Medieval Studies (awarded at graduation) must also pass the Toronto Medieval Latin Exam (Level 2) before defending their dissertations. A student working in Jewish or Byzantine studies may pass the Toronto Medieval Latin Exam (Level 1) and instead of Level 2, substitute a proof of equivalent proficiency in Hebrew or Greek.