Medieval Studies

Degree Type: Certificate

The Medieval Studies Cluster is designed to prepare students to succeed as scholars in this challenging interdisciplinary field.

Aside from disciplinary knowledge in history, literature, musicology, etc., medievalists must also learn specialized skills such as paleography, archival research methods, liturgical chant and dating, and the use of often-recondite manuscript catalogues and bibliographic resources (both digital and print).  Above all, they must learn languages. Latin is indispensable, and students must also learn appropriate medieval vernaculars, other classical languages (Greek, Hebrew, Arabic) as needed for certain fields, and modern languages such as French, German, and Italian, since access to European scholarship is vital within this international research community.

Certificate Offered

Medieval Studies Courses

MDVL_ST 420-0 Medieval Doctoral Colloquium (0 Unit)  

MDVL_ST 430-0 Paleography (1 Unit)