Health Communication

Module Requirements (4 units)

Prerequisites (1 unit)

Course Title
COMM_ST 246-0Intro to Health Communication

Required Courses (3 units)

Students must take any 3 of the following courses, of which at least 2 must be in Communication Studies.

Course Title
COMM_ST 295-0Topics in Communication Studies (Black Feminist Health Science Studies)
COMM_ST 303-0Communication and Misinformation
COMM_ST 339-0Health Communication and Precision Medicine
COMM_ST 395-0Topics in Communication Studies *
CSD 108-0Sound and Communication Health
CSD 320-0Introduction to Speech, Language, Learning, and Their Disorders
CSD 382-0Autism Spectrum Disorder
CSD 392-0Language Development and Usage

Appropriate substitutions may be approved by the module coordinator. 

*Acceptable topics for COMM_ST 395-0:

  • Social Context of Illness
  • Social Marketing and Health (formerly Social Media and Health)
  • Social Media, Technology, and Mental Health 

Additional Requirements (0 units)

Course Title
CMN 370-0Module Capstone

This zero-credit course encompasses all co-curricular activities and the capstone project required for completion of the module.