Appellate Law Concentration


Program Director: Sarah Schrup

Concentration Requirements

Course Title
Required Courses
LITARB 621Appellate Advocacy
LAWSTUDY 690Senior Research (6-12 credits) 1
Elective Courses
Select 16 credits from the following:
CONPUB 600Administrative Law
CONPUB 603Conflict of Laws
CONPUB 605CComparative Constitutional Law Seminar
CONPUB 615Fourteenth Amendment
CONPUB 617State and Local Government
CONPUB 629Colloquium: Constitutional Law
CONPUB 644Legislation
CONPUB 645Law and Social Change
CONPUB 647Practicum: Judicial
CONPUB 650Federal Jurisdiction
CONPUB 669Contemporary Supreme Court Cases
CONPUB 670Ideas of the First Amendment
CONPUB 712SWar and the First Amendment
CONPUB 738The Roberts Court
CONPUB 744Separation of Powers
CRIM 608Practicum: Criminal Law
CRIM 610Constitutional Criminal Procedure
CRIM 620Criminal Process
LAWSTUDY 601Jurisprudence: Foundational Questions of Law and Lawyering
LAWSTUDY 615Law and Rhetoric
LITARB 600Legal Ethics
LITARB 630Civil Rights Litigation
LITARB 635Evidence
LITARB 650Civil Procedure II
LITARB 656Remedies
LITARB 719Clinic Practice: Federal Criminal Appellate Practice
LITARB 721Clinic: Civil Rights Litigation
LITARB 722Clinic Practice: The United States Supreme Court
LITARB 735Clinic Practice: Criminal Defense - The Death Penalty
Minimum Credits Required: 25