Black Diaspora Studies Certificate

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Unites Required: 5

Course Requirements:

To participate in the Black Diaspora Studies certificate program, students must declare their affiliation to the current Director of Graduate Studies in the department of Black Studies. To obtain the Black Diaspora Studies certificate, students must complete five graduate courses in the department of Black Studies, at least two of which must be chosen from the following list of courses:

Course Title
BLK_ST 401-0Research Seminar in Black Studies
BLK_ST 402-0Theorizing Black Genders and Sexualities
BLK_ST 403-0Theorizing Blackness and Diaspora
BLK_ST 440-0Black Historiography
BLK_ST 420-0Expressive Arts and Cultural Studies
BLK_ST 460-0Race, Politics, Society, and Culture

The remaining three electives are courses that will be taught by the core faculty in Black Studies.

Graduate courses typically offered as electives include:

Course Title
BLK_ST 442-0Africans in Colonial Latin America
BLK_ST 444-0Civil Rights/Black Liberation
BLK_ST 445-0Historicizing Race in Latin America
BLK_ST 475-0Genealogy of Racism as a Concept: Deconstruction & Governmentality
BLK_ST 480-0Graduate Topics in African American Studies
BLK_ST 490-0Independent Study

Students may petition the current Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) in the department of Black Studies to substitute one of the five required courses with a course offered by a Faculty Affiliate of Black Studies or an instructor whose course has been approved by the DGS.