Comparative Literary Studies PhD

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 15-18

Course Title
CLS theory sequence taken in first year (3 units)
COMP_LIT 410-0Theories of Literature
COMP_LIT 411-0Critical Practices
COMP_LIT 412-0Literary Studies Colloquium
Home department (6 units)
Electives (in CLS, home department, or other graduate programs; 6-9 units)

Other PhD Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: 
    • theory exam by Fall quarter of second year;
    • qualifying exam no later than Winter Quarter of third year.  During year two, students will select a committee of three members and will develop three distinctive lists in consultation with them; the QE exams consist of a written and oral portion organized using the three lists.  The first list addresses the student's generally constructed teaching field.  The second list addresses the student's specific area of expertise.  The third list addresses the methodology or theoretical framework used by the student to engage with one or two sub-disciplines that are useful to the dissertation topic. (NB: Current students in the program and the incoming class will be given the option to follow the former degree requirements either by taking the QE in their home department or by adopting the new format).
    • dissertation prospectus by end of fourth year
  • Research/Projects: public presentation of a comparative paper in the third year
  • Language: proficiency in two languages other than native language by end of third year
  • PhD Dissertation: original, independent research
  • Final Evaluations: defense of dissertation