Electrical Engineering MS

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.

Common Requirements

Three plans are available, as shown below.  For all three plans, the following are required:

  • A total of 12 units.
  • All courses must be at the 300-level or higher
    • Effective September 9, 2019, ELEC_ENG 302-0 Probabilistic Systems is considered a graduate-level course and can be counted.
  • At least 9 courses from Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, or Computer Science.  Any courses taken outside ECE or CS must be approved by the student's advisor.
  • At least 6 courses from the Core Electrical Engineering list below.
  • At least 3 courses at the 400-level (ELEC_ENG 590-0 Research does not count at a 400-level course).
  • The only P/N course acceptable for the master's degree program is ELEC_ENG 590-0 Research.
  • Additional requirements are listed in the ECE graduate study manual.

Plan 1: Thesis

Additional requirements:

  • Up to three credits may be ELEC_ENG 590-0 Research.
  • written thesis is required, in a format specified by the thesis committee.

Plan 2: Project

Additional requirements:

  • Up to two credits may be ELEC_ENG 590-0 Research.
  • project report is required, in a format specified by the project committee.

Plan 3: Course-only

Additional requirements:

  • ELEC_ENG 590-0 Research may not be included in the 12 required units.

Core Electrical Engineering Courses:

Course Title
ELEC_ENG 307-0Communications Systems
ELEC_ENG 308-0Advanced Electromagnetics and Photonics
ELEC_ENG 326-0Electronic System Design I
ELEC_ENG 327-0Electronic System Design II: Project
ELEC_ENG 332-0Introduction to Computer Vision
ELEC_ENG 333-0Introduction to Communication Networks
ELEC_ENG 353-0Digital Microelectronics
ELEC_ENG 359-0Digital Signal Processing
ELEC_ENG 360-0Introduction to Feedback Systems
ELEC_ENG 363-0Digital Filtering
ELEC_ENG 374-0Introduction to Digital Control
ELEC_ENG 375-0Machine Learning: Foundations, Applications, and Algorithms
ELEC_ENG 378-0Digital Communications
ELEC_ENG 379-0Lasers and Coherent Optics
ELEC_ENG 380-0Wireless Communications
ELEC_ENG 381-0Electronic Properties of Materials
ELEC_ENG 382-0Photonic Information Processing
ELEC_ENG 383-0Fiber-Optic Communications
ELEC_ENG 384-0Solid State Electronic Devices
ELEC_ENG 385-0Optoelectronics
ELEC_ENG 388-0Nanotechnology
ELEC_ENG 389-0Superconductivity and Its Applications
ELEC_ENG 390-0Introduction to Robotics
ELEC_ENG 395-0Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ELEC_ENG 398-0Electrical Engineering Design
ELEC_ENG 401-0Fundamentals of Electronic Devices
ELEC_ENG 402-0Advanced Electronic Devices
ELEC_ENG 403-0Quantum Semiconductors
ELEC_ENG 404-0Quantum Electronics
ELEC_ENG 405-0Advanced Photonics
ELEC_ENG 406-0Nonlinear Optics
ELEC_ENG 407-0Quantum Optics
ELEC_ENG 408-1Classical Electodynamics
ELEC_ENG 408-2Computational Electrodynamics
ELEC_ENG 409-0Semiconductor Lasers
ELEC_ENG 410-0System Theory
ELEC_ENG 411-0Fundamentals and Applications of Special Relativity
ELEC_ENG 414-0Advanced Topics in Quantum Electronics
ELEC_ENG 418-0Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ELEC_ENG 420-0Digital Image Processing
ELEC_ENG 421-0Multimedia Signal Processing
ELEC_ENG 422-0Random Processes in Communications and Control 1
ELEC_ENG 423-0Random Processes in Communications and Control 2
ELEC_ENG 424-0Distributed Optimization
ELEC_ENG 425-0Introduction to Nanoscale Lasers, Quantum Noise, Photons, and Measurement
ELEC_ENG 426-0Signal Detection and Estimation
ELEC_ENG 427-0Optical Communications
ELEC_ENG 428-0Information Theory and Learning
ELEC_ENG 429-0Selected Topics in Quantum Information Science and Technology
ELEC_ENG 432-0Advanced Computer Vision
ELEC_ENG 433-0Statistical Pattern Recognition
ELEC_ENG 435-0Deep Learning: Foundations, Applications, and Algorithms
ELEC_ENG 454-0Advanced Communication Networks
ELEC_ENG 463-0Adaptive Filters
ELEC_ENG 475-0Machine Learning: Foundations, Applications, and Algorithms
ELEC_ENG 478-0Advanced Digital Communications
ELEC_ENG 495-0Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ELEC_ENG 510Seminar
"Core EE" courses from Computer Engineering:
COMP_ENG 303-0Advanced Digital Design
COMP_ENG 391-0CMOS VLSI Circuit Design