Gender and Sexuality Studies

Degree Type: Certificate

The Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program brings together dynamic faculty and graduate students conducting research in the theory and history of gender, feminism, and sexuality studies. GSS draws from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, training students in core concepts of gender and sexuality studies while also mentoring students as they incorporate elements of this scholarship into interdisciplinary research projects centered in other departments and programs. While the majority of our students are pursuing Ph.D.s in programs housed within Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Communication, or the Bienen School of Music, we have also forged connections with MA and MFA programs on campus and, when possible, with students in other colleges at Northwestern.

In addition to the Graduate Certificate in Gender & Sexuality Studies, there is also an interdisciplinary cluster. Prospective graduate students interested in participating in this program should indicate their interest when they apply to their respective graduate programs. Some students will be invited to Northwestern as Mellon-funded fellows of the Gender and Sexuality Studies Cluster. The program's courses and other graduate activities do not differentiate between Cluster and Certificate students. Note: The certificate does appear on transcripts, whereas the cluster credential does not

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Gender and Sexuality Studies Courses

GNDR_ST 324-0 US Gay and Lesbian History (1 Unit)  

Gender, sexuality, and the rise of modern lesbian and gay identities. HISTORY 324-0 and GNDR_ST 324-0 are taught together; may not receive credit for both courses.

Historical Studies Distro Area

GNDR_ST 372-0 Gender, Sexuality, and Performance (1 Unit)  

Selected topics concerning theories of performance in relation to gender and/or sexuality. Content varies by quarter; may be repeated for credit with different topics.

Literature Fine Arts Distro Area

GNDR_ST 380-0 Black Feminist Theory (1 Unit)  

Survey of black feminist theories. Content may vary by quarter. Fulfills the major's theory requirement.

GNDR_ST 390-0 Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. For example: masculinity; gender, race, and reproduction; gender, law, and public policy; Asian American women's history; women artists and their publics. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

GNDR_ST 397-0 Feminist Theory (1 Unit)  

Survey of gender and feminist theory. Content may vary by quarter. Fulfills the major's theory requirement.

GNDR_ST 401-0 Graduate Colloquium (0.5-1 Unit)  

Graduate colloquium dedicated to the discussion of recent published work in gender and sexuality studies and of graduate student work in progress. This two-course colloquium will meet five times per quarter, for two quarters. Students will receive credit at the end of the school year.

GNDR_ST 405-0 Advanced Feminist Theory (1 Unit)  

Survey of foundational feminist texts, and an exploration of the relationship between feminist theory and feminist practice, both within the academy and in the realm of politics.

GNDR_ST 490-0 Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topics.

GNDR_ST 499-0 Independent Study (1 Unit)  

Individual tutorials or research projects.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.