Integrated Data Science Certificate

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 5

Course Requirements:

To complete the Integrated Data Science (IDS) Certificate requirements, students will take five courses including at least one course from group A, at least two courses from group B, at least one course from group C, and a fifth course from any group. The courses currently available in each curriculum group are described below, developed in connection to the NSF IDEAS traineeship.

Group A. Data Challenges in Domain Disciplines

Course Title
DATA_SCI 401-1Data-Driven Research in Physics, Geophysics, and Astronomy
DATA_SCI 401-2Data-Driven Research in Physics, Geophysics, and Astronomy
BIOL_SCI 354-0Quantitative Analysis of Biology

Group B. Core Data Analytics

Course Title
DATA_SCI 421-0Integrated Data Analytics I
DATA_SCI 422-0/EARTH 353-0Mathematical Inverse Methods in Earth and Environmental Sciences
DATA_SCI 423-0Machine Learning: Foundations, Applications, and Algorithms

Group C. Electives in Data Analytics

Course Title
CHEM_ENG 379-0Computational Biology: Analysis and Design of Living Systems
COMP_ENG 495-0Special Topics in Computer Engineering
COMP_ENG 510-0Seminar
COMP_SCI 336-0Design & Analysis of Algorithms
COMP_SCI 496-0Special Topics in Computer Science
EARTH 327-0Geophysical Time Series Analysis
ELEC_ENG 420-0Digital Image Processing
ELEC_ENG 435-0Deep Learning: Foundations, Applications, and Algorithms
ELEC_ENG 495-0Special Topics in Electrical Engineering
ELEC_ENG 433-0Statistical Pattern Recognition
ELEC_ENG 473-0Deep Reinforcement Learning
ES_APPM 421-1Models in Applied Mathematics
ES_APPM 448-0Numerical Methods for Random Processes
IEMS 304-0Statistical Learning for Data Analysis
MAT_SCI 458-0Atomic Scale Computational Materials Science
STAT 320-1Statistical Theory & Methods 1
STAT 350-0Regression Analysis
STAT 365-0Introduction to the Analysis of Financial Data
STAT 454-0Time Series Analysis
STAT 457-0Applied Bayesian Inference
STAT 461-0Advanced Topics in Statistics

Please note Machine Learning (COMP_SCI 349-0) will still count as an elective if taken before spring 2020. Data Management and Information Processing (COMP_SCI 317-0) is no longer offered; however it will still count as an elective if taken before Fall 2019.