Marriage and Family Therapy MS

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.

Total Units Required: 23

Course Title
Core Courses
MS_FT 400-0Professional Identity Seminar
MS_FT 401-0Basic Concepts of Systems Therapy
MS_FT 402-0Methods of System Therapy
MS_FT 403-0Self and Other Systems: Theory and Interventions
MS_FT 410-0Human Development and the Life Cycle
MS_FT 411-0Intimate Relations
MS_FT 413-0Intimate Relations II
MS_FT 414-0Behavioral Medicine in Marriage and Family Therapy
MS_FT 421-0Systemic Assessment
MS_FT 422-0Family Research
MS_FT 424-0Group Therapy Internship
MS_FT 427-0Family of Origin and Intrapsychic Work From a Systemic Perspective
MS_FT 428-0Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Marital and Family Therapy
MS_FT 429-0Sex Therapy
MS_FT 430-0Power, Privilege and Difference: Practicing Cultural Curiosity and Humility in a
MS_FT 436-0Family Therapy Treatment Models
MS_FT 437-0Family Therapy with Children and Adolescents
MS_FT 440-0Systemic Perspectives in the Treatment for Chemical-Dependency and Substance Abuse
MS_FT 480-0Pre-Practicum in Marital & Family Therapy
MS_FT 481-0Internship in Marital & Family Therapy (winter, spring, and summer quarters, first year)
MS_FT 482-0Internship in Marital & Family Therapy
MS_FT 495-0Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy Capstone Project

Other MSMFT Degree Requirements

Clinical practicum involving over 500 hours of face-to-face contact with clients and more than 250 hours of group and individual supervision.