Media and Creative Markets

Module Requirements (4 units)

Prerequisites (1 unit)

Course Title
COMM_ST 274-0Power in Entertainment

Required Courses (3 units) 

Select 3 courses from the following list. Two courses must be in Communication Studies, and at least 2 courses must be at the 300 level.

Course Title
COMM_ST 225-0Communication and Culture
COMM_ST 302-0Law of the Creative Process
COMM_ST 334-0Media and the Making of Social Class
COMM_ST 370-0Ethnographies of Culture
COMM_ST 371-0Cultural Analytics
COMM_ST 375-0The Sociology of Online News
COMM_ST 376-0Contemporary Television
COMM_ST 392-0Global Culture, Commerce and Communication
COMM_ST 394-0Communication Studies Research Seminar
COMM_ST 395-0Topics in Communication Studies (Creativity in Context)
RTVF 230-CNUnderstanding Media Contexts
RTVF 310-0Television History
RTVF 312-1History of Film I
RTVF 314-0History of the Recording Industry
RTVF 322-0Radio/Television/Film Genre
RTVF 330-0Culture Industries
RTVF 341-0Technological Innovations
RTVF 353-0Film, Media, and Globalization

NOTE: Students may apply for no more than one substitution course offered within or beyond these courses that meets one or both of the following requirements: 

  • The course directly addresses one or more media/creative markets from an industrial or sociological perspective


  • The course will contribute in a demonstrable fashion to the student's capstone project

All proposals for substitution must be made to the module coordinator before the student enrolls in the course.

Additional Requirements (0 units)

Course Title
CMN 370-0Module Capstone

This zero-credit course encompasses all co-curricular activities and the capstone project required for completion of the module.