Astronomy (ASTRON)

ASTRON 101-0 Modern Cosmology (1 Unit)   Modern views on the structure of the universe, its past, present, and future. For nonscience majors who want to take a more detailed course after completing ASTRON 120-0. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 102-0 Milky Way Galaxy (1 Unit)   Structure of the galaxy, star formation, interstellar clouds and dust, star clusters, neutron stars and black holes, the galactic center. For nonscience majors who want to take a more detailed course after completing ASTRON 120-0. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 103-0 Solar System (1 Unit)   The planets and their moons, the sun, comets, asteroids. For nonscience majors who want to take a more detailed course after completing ASTRON 120-0. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 110-6 First-Year Seminar (1 Unit)   WCAS First-Year Seminar

ASTRON 111-0 Introduction to Astrobiology (1 Unit)   The modern scientific perspective on the question of life elsewhere in the universe. The prospects for life on Mars. The discovery of extrasolar planets and the search for extrasolar biospheres. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 120-0 Highlights of Astronomy (1 Unit)   Acquaints students with modern ideas about the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe. Emphasizes fundamental principles and underlying concepts. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 220-0 Introduction to Astrophysics (1 Unit)   Use of introductory physics (mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and modern physics) to cover astrophysical topics starting with the solar system and ending with the largescale structure of the universe and cosmology. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 135-1, PHYSICS 135-2, and PHYSICS 135-3, or equivalent. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 305-0 Basics of Radio Astronomy (1 Unit)   Radio astronomy is the study of natural radio emission from the sky, providing important clues about the history of the universe. Topics include how a radio telescope receives invisible signals, how dramatically the radio sky differs from the optical sky, and interferometry. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 135-1, PHYSICS 135-2, PHYSICS 135-3 (or equivalent) or PHYSICS 332-0; MATH 220-2 or equivalent. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 314-0 Planetary Astrophysics (1 Unit)   Methods of exoplanet detection. The observed architecture of exoplanetary systems. Formation and evolution of planetary systems. Modeling exoplanet interiors and atmospheres. Exoplanet habitability and the search for bio-signatures. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 330-1 and PHYSICS 330-2, or equivalent.

ASTRON 321-0 Observational Astrophysics (1 Unit)   Geometric optics applied to design of optical and x-ray telescopes; diffraction and the Airy disk; radio and optical interferometry and aperture synthesis; adaptive optics; recent developments in detector technology; quantum and thermal noise in astronomy. Independent research projects using the CCD camera and 18-inch refractor in Dearborn Observatory. Offered alternate years. Prerequisite: ASTRON 220-0.

ASTRON 325-0 Stellar Astrophysics (1 Unit)   Physics of stellar interiors, stellar atmospheres, and star formation. Specific topics include simple stellar models, nuclear energy generation, overview of evolutionary phases, white dwarfs, neutron stars, interstellar gas and dust grains, gravitational collapse. Prerequisite: ASTRON 220-0.

ASTRON 329-0 Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology (1 Unit)   Big bang cosmology, thermal history of the universe, primordial nucleosynthesis, microwave background, dark matter, largescale structure, galaxy formation, spiral and elliptical galaxies, groups and clusters of galaxies. Prerequisite: ASTRON 220-0.

ASTRON 331-0 Astrophysics ISP (1 Unit)   Stellar structure and evolution: nucleosynthesis, supernova phenomena, white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes. Limited to students enrolled in ISP or with consent of the physics department. Prerequisites: PHYSICS 135-1, PHYSICS 135-2, & PHYSICS 135-3, or equivalent.

ASTRON 390-0 Current Topics in Astronomy (1 Unit)   Explores in detail an area of current research interest in astrophysics. Contact the department or instructor for specifics. May be repeated for credit with change of topic. Prerequisites vary. Natural Sciences Distro Area

ASTRON 398-0 Honors Independent Study (1-2 Units)  

ASTRON 399-0 Independent Study (1-2 Units)   Opportunity to study an advanced subject under the individual direction of a faculty member. Open to all advanced students. Consent of instructor required.